Onset S40

Highest Quality of any High-Productivity Flatbed

The Inca Onset S40

  • Uses new Fujifilm Dimatix QS-256 Sapphire MEMS printheads
  • Print quality comparable to grayscale inkjet & offset
  • Excellent quality at 94 full-sized beds per hour
  • Optional ¾ Automation System

The Inca Onset S40 is the super high-quality model in the Onset range of full-bed array printers. The new QS-256 Sapphire MEMS heads used on the S40 have a jetting accuracy 2-3 times better than other models. This results in prints with tighter fine text, as well as smoother prints.

The S40 is available as a 4-color model, or in a 6-color CMYK+LcLm configuration. The S40 produces superb POP-quality display graphics at throughput speeds of 94 full bed 63”x123.6” (3.14 x 1.6m) sheets/hr onto substrates up to 2” (50mm) thick.

Users can choose the desired gloss or satin level through press settings at the operator’s console. The settings control the amount of UV applied, and by limiting initial UV the press can create higher gloss levels. No extra clear coats are required, and the higher gloss levels actually reduce ink usage.

The optional 3/4 automation system increases the throughput of the S40 by +25-50% by minimizing handling time from 20-45 seconds manually, down to 9-12 seconds with automation. As a result, the S40 can produce can produce up to 94 beds per hour with automation. The pre-load table allows the operator to place and pre-register the sheet(s) while the press is printing. The pre-load table includes 3 registration points for 1-up full bed sheets, or 3-up 40”x60” sheets. The automation system then automatically loads from the pre-load table to the print and removes each sheet from the print bed to a finished stack on an automated scissor lift. The finished stack can be configured to side-unload, or end-unload.

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