Inca Onset Series

Onset S70

Inca Onset S70

The Onset S70 is simply the fastest digital flatbed press in the world. No one else can reach the productivity. It can print 6,458 ft2 per hour of satin matt finish and over 5100 ft2 of gloss print.


Because Onset works at great speed, the cost per copy is lower than any other machine. Ease of operation and automation cut labor our costs. With Onset, digital print is just as economical or better than screen or offset at up to 1,000 impressions. Digital pre-press is faster and cleaner than screen, and has none of the costs of materials and labour screen entails. And compared to offset, there are no plates to make.

Onset S40

Inca Onset S40

The Inca Onset S40 uses Dimatix Sapphire QS-256 printheads in a full-bed array to produce 94 full-sized (63” x 123.6”) very high-quality prints per hour. The Onset S40 is engineered to provide “best-in-class” quality and performance at a low cost per print. The print quality uniquely positions the new S40 as the highest quality of all high-volume flatbed presses on the market today.
The S40 is available as either a 4-color CMYK model, or as a 6-color with CMYK + LcLm. There is an optional ¾ Automation System that can be purchased with the press, or added later as an in-field upgrade.

Onset S20 - Now with Automation!

Inca Onset S20

The Inca Onset S20 brings another innovation to the market, drawing on the features that have made Onset S70 the quality and speed benchmark in wide format digital inkjet printing for the POP market.
Filling the gap between the Spyder Series and the Onset S70, there are high expectations for the S20 which incorporates many of Inca's standard features as well as a number of new, innovative features for easy operation. With a full bed print array, the Onset S20 boasts print speeds of over 3,600 ft2/hr or throughput of 68 beds an hour viewable at normal POP viewing distances and with substrates as thick as 2 inches. In addition to CMYK configuration, the S20 offers a choice of white, or light cyan and light magenta. The ability to vary the gloss level gives the user flexibility to set the desired gloss level on a per job basis directly from the operator console.

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